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Awesome! You've decided that you want to join the Infernal Punks!  So...What's the next step? 


There are two paths to membership:

1.) Apply for an established game charter. Applicant must make this game a priority in the community until membership is earned. The charter will dictate the rules for community membership via their bylaws. 


Current Charters:

2.)   Apply via referral from an existing Punk. You will not be assigned to any specific game charter but will be expected to maintain weekly gaming and/or chat activity in the Discord.  

You're going to need a Discord account. We are a Discord-based gaming community.

You're going to need a headset, as voice chat is mandatory while playing with our community.

You're going to need to read and comply to the Community Rulebook.

Some applicants are accepted and invited into our actual crew Discord.

Some applicants are denied. No hard feelings.

If you would like to complain about being rejected or about anything else in life, feel free to e-mail us

We promise to check it every February.


We've simplified things and are using a Recruitment Discord as a portal to our actual community. 

When you're ready, click the link below and one of our Recruiters will reach out to you.


Infernal Punks Logo Smaller.png
Infernal Punks Champions
Elder Scrolls Online - PC
Infernal Punks Motorcycle Club
Grand Theft Auto Online - PC

Infernal Punks tracks some personal information volunteered by the entrant with this form. By submitting an application, you consent to your information to be tracked for our purposes.  We will never sell or share your personal data with anyone.  Not even to drug cartel members who have our families held hostage for ransoms. Those dope-dealing bastards will never get us to talk.  Here's our Privacy Policy.

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