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Champions are the pillars of our guild, representing the very foundation upon which the Infernal Punks community thrives. To attain the rank of Champion, members must prove their dedication to our guild and have a wholehearted willingness to engage actively in both our in-game activities and in our Discord chat weekly.


Champions are expected to:

  • Spend time in Discord, engaging in conversations and playing alongside fellow guild members, fostering connections, and building friendships.

  • Meet the minimum weekly participation requirements, ensuring your active involvement within our community.

  • Read and abide by the Community Bylaws and the Champion’s Pact.     


Champions are able to:

  • Be granted access to the guild bank, allowing them to contribute and withdraw resources to aid in their adventures.

  • Have the privilege of utilizing the guild event calendar on Discord, enabling you to coordinate and schedule events, contributing to the community experiences we offer. 

  • Request guild funds from The High Council or Speaker for event prizes.

  • Participate in guild events to earn money and prizes.

  • Vouch for and vote on new Initiates, contributing to the recognition of those who exemplify the guild's values and dedication.

  • Voice their opinions and contribute to guild decisions when discussions or decisions are being made. Your input helps shape the future of our community.

  • Access Punks only chat channels and our Steam group.


As Champions, you play an important role in building friendships, having fun, and enjoying the social Discord chat that defines the Infernal Punks. Your journey has brought you to a position of respect and influence within our community, and we look forward to your continued contributions as we explore the ever-expanding world of ESO together.

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