Guidelines for Other Games Charters

In an effort to support our members and grow with the changing times, it's come to our attention that there is a need to support games other than GTA. GTA has been near and dear to our hearts for a very long time, but like any video game, it isn't something everyone can play 24/7 without burning out. Many people have put the game on a backburner, and while we are still a primarily GTA MC club, it's time to take steps toward the future for this community to keep everyone working together. The Infernal Punks must find a way to survive past Grand Theft Auto.


To that end, we have created a series of criteria for other games that may become the focus for members of this community. We strive to keep the community together, to keep us going strong and continue to foster the bonds of friendship and near-family that many of us have come to feel. This by no means signals an end to our activity in GTA or our recruitment efforts, but will hopefully provide an outlet for those who feel like their time could be better spent focusing on another game that brings them joy, while still keeping them with the community in "Infernal Punks" sanctioned games.


Though this criteria is just an initial idea, it will allow the Punks to start moving in a direction that supports multiple games and platforms, all under the PUNKS branding.

We are branding the "Other Games" communities as "charters", though they will function much like a guild. They will get their own artwork, website placement, recruitment, and so forth.

Some of the details that will affect others in the community is that gradually more players will have access to general and public member channels. We're sticking with many of the same whole community bylaws that helped keep our community sane - so these criteria should be very familiar to everyone.


For patched members to create an other games charter and get support of the community, the following criteria is mandatory:


1. An administrative role will be established, and will handle administrative duties for discord as a whole and the website. Administrators will be expected to work with leadership for all charters across all games.


2. The "other game" charter will be founded by 7 members. These members' main focus will be this "other game" and will not be able to hold an officer role in anything else.


3. No "traders" or temporary members, i.e "guests"; will be allowed in discord.


4. New recruits must be in voice while playing the "other game" with the community.


5. The "other game" charter must set up their own hierarchy. I.E. President, VP, Sgt, member roles, recruitment roles.


6. Founding members of the "other game" charter will be required to write a set of bylaws.


7. Modding or cheating online in any form in any other game will not be tolerated.


8. Members of our community must be shown a level of respect. Personal attacks and crass levels of disrespect are not allowed in text or voice chat of any form towards members of the Infernal Punks. Don't be a dick.


9. New charters that wish to be sanctioned by Infernal Punks must be approved by the administrative role. Once these criteria are met a meeting will be called between the founding members and the administrative role.


These criteria, as stated above, are a starting point in moving forward.  Discussion is encouraged, ask questions and for clarification. Changes to these criteria will require a motion to be voted on by the club as a whole each national.