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Infernal Punks Community Rulebook

1. Don't be disrespectful. Respect is required towards everyone in the community, with no exceptions. Personal attacks in any form and significant disrespect are not allowed, whether in text or voice.


2. Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to join. We consider all members to be adults.


3. Embrace Diversity: Be comfortable with regular interaction among people of different ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds. No nudity in any form, racism, or gore is allowed. Sending inapproate images or messages through private chat are not allowed.


4. Play Fairly: Any form of cheating in online games is bannable and will lead to immediate removal from the community and game charter(s).


5. Voice Chat is Mandatory: When playing with the community, participating in our Discord voice chat is required.


6. Voice Interview Required: All applicants need to complete a necessary short voice interview on Discord.


7. Path to Membership: Apply through an application for an established game Charter and prioritize this game within the community until you earn your membership. The specific Charter's rules will guide your membership process.


8. Membership Benefits for PUNKS: Full members gain access to exclusive channels and the right to organize and participate in events. While encouraged, using Punk branding and logos is not mandatory.


9. Guest Invitations and Responsibility: Members may invite guests under a guest role. The inviting member is responsible for their guest's behavior, and guests can be removed by a 5 member vote. Guests should be friends or family of a Punk, and should not be invited for traders or temporary members to accomplish a goal in a game(s). Guest are responsible for abiding by the same rules as the community.


10. Administrator Duties: Administrators handle the Discord, website, finances, and account duties. They work with the Infernal Congress to enforce rules and approve Charter management decisions. The Administrator must sanction and vote to approve a Charter's opening and/or closing. The Administrator will work with community leadership to keep the community prosperous via the Infernal Congress.


11. Creating New Game Charters: To establish a new game charter, there must no less than 4 current members of the community or friends of the Infernal Punks community. Two of these members will serve as Officers in the Charter. These members are responsible for creating the Charter's by-laws. Officers of new Charter can participate in any other Charters, but cannot take officer positions for other game within the community. Officers are required to focus on building and growing the new Charter.


12. Prohibition on Recruitment for Other Communities: The community's platforms cannot be used as a recruitment ground for other established communities.


13. Becoming a Recruiter: Members can become recruiters for our community with training from an officer after 2 months of membership. Processing new recruits, conducting interviews, screening, and promoting the community on social media are all responsibilities expected of a Recruiter.


14. Community Member Removal Procedure: Punks are defined as those who are actively participating in an active game Charter an/or an officer within an active game Charter, and have been voted into their game Charter as a member. A member can be removed by a Charter officer vote. To be removed from an active game Charter, a 75% majority vote is required of the Charter officer vote. There is a 72-hour vote window, and a temporary isolation of the offender in question can be applied to prevent toxicity within the community. Calling for the removal of a member of the community is serious, and it requires that the member must have broken a cited rule(s) of the Community Rulebook or Charter By-law. Only Yes or No votes by the Charter officers are considered and apply.


15. Rulebook Precedence: The community rulebook overrides any charter by-laws in case of a conflict.

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