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Infernal Punks Community Rulebook

1. Don't be a dick.  This is the most important rule.  Respect is to be shown to every Punk across the community.  Personal attack and crass levels of disrespect are not allowed in text or voice form.


2. Be at least 18 years old.  We're all adults here. Sort of. 


3. Maintain weekly activity gaming or conversing with Punks in our Discord.


4. Be comfortable interacting regularly with people of varying ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds.  No nudity, no racism, and no gore permitted in our community.


5. Play fairly.  Cheating online in any form is banned will not be tolerated.

6. Voice chat is mandatory while gaming with the community. If you're gaming with us, you're in our Discord on voice chat.


7. All applicants must fill out an application & complete a short but required voice interview with us on Discord.


8. Two paths to membership:

  • Apply via application for an established game charter. Applicant must make this game a priority in the community until membership is earned. The charter will dictate the rules for community membership via their bylaws. Ex. [HA] -> [Prospect] -> [Patch] or [Varmint] -> [Outlaw].

  • Apply via referral from an existing Punk. Applicant must fill out a general membership application citing referral. They will not be assigned to any specific game charter but will be expected to maintain weekly gaming and/or chat activity in the Discord. After 2 weeks minimum of activity the applicant is eligible for membership but must be voted in by the whole community with at least an 80% approval. Punks who referred the applicant are responsible for bringing the vote to table.  Ex. [FNG] -> [Punk]

  • All full members are PUNKS and are part of the brotherhood. Punks are afforded access to members only channels, can vote in community decisions, and can conduct and participate in community events. Punks are encouraged but not required to use the Punk branding and logos to support the community.

9. Punks may invite guests to the Discord using the guest role. Guests will be treated with respect, but the referring member is equally responsible for their behavior. Guests can be removed with the 5-vote rule. Guests should be friends & family of Punks & should not be used for traders or temporary members to accomplish a goal in a game.


10. Administrator role duties: Handles admin duties for the Discord, website, finances, and accounts. Admins are expected to work with the Infernal Congress and enforce the community rulebook. The Administrator must sanction and vote to approve of charter openings/closings. The admin will work with leadership to keep the community prosperous via the Infernal Congress.

11. New game charters: Founded by 4 members, with 2 members being officers. Officers of new charters can participate in any other charters but cannot take officer positions for other games. An officer’s focus will be the new game and will be expected to work on growing that community. Founding members will be required to write a set of bylaws pertaining to the rules surrounding their game.

12. The Punks Discord and owned communities should not be used as a recruitment ground for other established communities.

13. Recruiting role: Punks can become recruiters for our community with training from an officer after 2 months of membership. Processing member applications, conducting interviews, screening new users, and social media community advocacy are all responsibilities expected of a Recruiter.

14. Punk Membership removal:

  • Guest or outsider community member roles can be removed at any time with a 5 Punk vote.

  • Punks may only be removed from the community with a Punk community vote. A removal vote can be raised by any member and should be considered serious. 80% is the requirement to pass and there is a minimum 72-hour vote window but may extend up to 7 days. Members may be placed in purgatory by an officer if necessary during this time. To be eligible for a vote, member must have broken a rule cited in the Infernal Punks Community Rulebook or charter bylaw. Only yes or no votes apply, and all members Punk or above are eligible to vote.

15. The community rulebook will always supersede charter bylaws shall there be conflict. 

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