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Infernal Assembly


The Infernal Assembly is a large monthly group meeting of all members of the Elder Scrolls guild.

The assembly promotes the social aspect of the guild and allows other members to talk and be introduced to some of the newer wanderers that they may have not met yet. News, triumphs, and horrible life changing embarrassments can be talked about and heavily scrutinized!

The Infernal Assembly will be on the last saturday of the month (7pm EST) unless stated otherwise!

The Speaker leads the Infernal Assembly and conducts any promotions that are going to be announced during that time. They will talk about guild events (past and upcoming), birthdays, new members, individual achievements, special thanks to members of the community, and greebles.

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Round Table

The round table portion of the Infernal Assembly is a Champion and above only segment for members of the Infernal Punks ESO guild. During this time the guild will discuss any subjects of importance including but not limited to: Punk community discussions, guild trajectory, and initiate votes.

Champions, Guardians, High Council, and Speaker will take the time to review wanderers and place a vote on them to see whether or not they will progress onto the next rank of Initiate. If the wanderer does get enough votes from the guild, they will then take their next step into becoming a champion.

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