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These bylaws created by our founding members set the absolute and final standard for our club.

Every patch that joins our ranks will swear and play by these rules. As for new prospects and hangarounds, they will also follow these standards given. 


Without these, there is no order.


1.  Club bylaws must be followed while playing with the community.

2.  Members of our community, and every member from allied and friendly crews, must be shown a level of respect. Personal attacks and crass levels of disrespect are not allowed in text or voice chat of any form towards members of IPMC, allied and friendly clubs. Charter Sergeants will review each case to determine the validity of any claim related to this bylaw.

3. Only MC weapons are allowed unless given permission by an officer to use otherwise. 


4.  Your patch (to include the support logo for hangarounds) must be worn at all times when playing with our community. This will be worn on a cut or jacket. Players must also have our crew set as active at all times. If this is removed, you get one warning.

5.  Respect every brother and ally.  Do not kill other members of our community or allied and friendly clubs, without consent.

6.  Members of our community are free to shit talk unless asked to stop by an officer.

7.  While playing with our community, you must be in our Discord voice channels.

8. Members of our community are prohibited from the use of any armored vehicles and will strictly ride approved bikes more than any other vehicle unless given permission to do so by an officer.

9. Approved Bikes include:​

  • LCC Avarus​

  • Western Bagger

  • Nagasaki Chimera

  • Western Cliffhanger

  • Western Daemon

  • Western Gargoyle

  • LCC Hexer

  • LCC Innovation

  • Western Nightblade

  • Western Rat Bike

  • Zombie Chopper

  • Zombie Bobber

  • LCC Sanctus

  • Western Sovereign

  • Western Wolfsbane

  • Pegassi Esskey

  • Dinka Vindicator

  • Dinka Thrust


10.  Online modding or cheating of any kind is not tolerated. Any activity with this will result in an immediate ban.

11.  Community members are not allowed to go into passive mode at any time for any reason.

12.  All club members are required to assist other members in need. The term "in need" is not limited to threats from other players. It encompasses all realistic scenarios in game where another member is attempting to do a task where time is saved by utilizing more than one person, or another person is required to complete said task. The only acceptable reason for denying a reasonable request for help are events in real life that prevent you from doing so. 









Bylaws are enforced during the following: 
     - Club rides and churches
     - Public Session + IPMC and other recognized crews
     - Public Session + IPMC and random players ​

Weapons/Clothing/Vehicle restrictions can be lifted in these circumstances:
     - Public session + You playing solo without IPMC or club affiliates
     - Public Session + You and only other IPMC in the lobby
     - Friends/Invite/Solo sessions.
     - Game mechanics & missions that require use of a specific item for completion.
     - Specified club-sanctioned events.

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