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Guardians are the guild's most devoted members, known for their outstanding levels of activity both in-game and within the community of the Punks. To attain the esteemed rank of Guardian, members must demonstrate not only their commitment but also their willingness to take an active role in organizing events and assisting fellow guild members whenever possible.

The responsibilities and privileges that come with the rank of Guardian are as follows:


  • Commitment to Community Values: Guardians are steadfast in their adherence to the community bylaws and the principles outlined in the Champion Pact. They set an example for others to follow, promoting a harmonious and respectful atmosphere within the guild.


  • Event Leadership: Guardians are expected to lead by example, running at least two guild events per month. Their active involvement in event planning and execution enriches our gaming experiences and brings the guild together.


  • Assistance and Support: Guardians extend their guidance to Wanderers, Initiates, and Champions, helping them within the community and within ESO. Their assistance ensures that newcomers can smoothly integrate into our community.


  • Recruitment: Guardians actively participate in the recruitment process, welcoming new members and helping to expand our gaming family.


  • Intro Interviews (Optional): While not mandatory, Guardians may conduct intro interviews to welcome and engage with new members, offering guidance and answering questions.


  • Speaker Elections: Guardians play a pivotal role in the guild's democratic process by voting in a new Speaker should the need arise, ensuring that our leadership remains representative of the community.


  • Champion Approval: Guardians vouch for and vote on new Champions, contributing to the recognition of those who exemplify the guild's values and dedication.


As Guardians, you are the guiding lights of the Infernal Punks, exemplifying the highest standards of commitment, leadership, and support within our community. Your dedication to the guild is not only appreciated but also integral to our continued success and friendships in the world of ESO. 

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