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     Our Hangaround support crew is made for players that are new to our community, or for players that cannot be as active enough in our community to be a patched member. We're typically nicer to Hangarounds because we want to encourage them to patch into the club.  

     If your application to Infernal Punks is accepted, this is the R* Social Club Crew that you will be directly invited to along with access to our Discord channel.


As a Hangaround, you will only have a few duties in our community:

1. Add all MC club members to your R* Social Club

2. Keep your Social Club visible to friends and crew members.

3. Be friendly and get to know the people in our Discord.

4. Abide by our Infernal Bylaws and Rules of Engagement.

5. Respect the hierarchy.

6. Wear our support crew clothing and our IPHA crew tag.

Be advised: All players wishing to join The Infernal Punks must...
1. Not be a dickhead.  If you're here to start shit, there's the door...
2. Be at least 18 years old. We're all adults here. Sort of...
3. Have weekly activity on GTAO - PC platform only.
4. Play exclusively on free aim servers. 
5. Be comfortable interacting regularly with people of       
       varying ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds.​
6. Play fairly. Online Cheating/Modding is banned.
7. Obey our Infernal Bylaws and rules of engagement.
8. Enjoy motorcycles and the MC lifestyle.
9.  Voice chat is mandatory while gaming with the community.  
10. Defend the brotherhood. PvP is common and you will be
        expected to follow our rules of engagement and protect 
        your brothers and sisters to earn the club's protection.

Think you got what it takes to be an Infernal Punk?  Join us!



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