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Paleto Bay... The birthplace of the Infernal Punks. Located in scenic Blaine County, the Mother charter is the source of all modern Infernal Punks ranks.

Our charter is comprised of the finest the MC community has to offer. From calculated killers to drug dealers, Paleto Bay strives to provide exemplary leadership and support to the rest of the Punks. Come join us in the north, and experience the camaraderie as we continue to expand what is already great.

Paleto Bay

Founded:  1898

County:    Blaine 

State:         San Andreas

Mayor:      Roy Buckley 

     Paleto Bay is located on the lush northern coast of Blaine County, Sitting at the base of the massive Mount Chiliad. Paleto Bay is a coastal town, It is home to the Cluckin' Bell factory farm which is used to process chicken for all of San Andreas to enjoy. The town is also home to Los Santos County Sheriff's Department office.
     Paleto Bay is a good resting stop for truckers due to its large number of commodities and the fact that Route 1 runs right through the middle of the town. Contrary to popular belief, the body of water north of Paleto Bay is actually a river, and not the Pacific Ocean.
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