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Origins of the Infernal Punks

The Infernal Punks started out as an outlaw 1% motorcycle club that started on Grand Theft Auto V Online.  Punks have been tearing up the highways of Los Santos and bringing the mayhem from beneath.  Together, we've built one of the strongest gaming communities out there.  We're more than just friends gaming together...  We're a brotherhood.

    Infernal Punks was established November 3, 2015 by our founder, Metal. Metal was one of the MC community OG members that broke off to start his own vision of a club.  Relations were built with other community members, as people gradually trickled in and out of the MC lifestyle. The vision was started with many hurdles along the way, and many thought we were destined to fail.  Nonetheless, Punks were able to survive - but needed to change.

October 16th, 2016 is classified as the Reformation of IPMC. On this date, we welcomed 3 new prospects who later became a part of what we refer to as the Original 7.  From here on, Infernal Punks grew exponentially, growing into four charters, establishing an IPMC National governing crew, website development and mass recruitment.  From the ground up, Infernal Punks was built on blood, sweat, and beers.

Previous Club Presidents:


Metal  (Founder)




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