Awesome! You've decided that you want to join the Infernal Punks!  So...What's the next step? 

Read the community rules, then fill out the application below to join the Infernal Punks community.

 As soon as you have submitted the application, a recruiter will review your application.

Currently, Infernal Punks are recruiting for the following games:

Grand Theft Auto Online - PC - Infernal Punks Motorcycle Club     

Red Dead Online - PC - Infernal Punks Outlaws                               



After filling out your application, a recruiter will verify all the information.  We are a closed community that relies on vouching to keep our community clear of internet cancer, so fill out all the fields the best you can.  If you half-ass your application, we will probably reject you on principle. So, fill the application out properly!  We look after our community as a brotherhood to make sure we have the best of the best wearing our colors.  Not everyone makes the cut.

If your application is accepted, we will send you a message via Discord with further information and instructions, along with a Discord channel invite that will expire within 24 hrs.  Make sure you include the number after your discord username in your application so it is easy to track down!


Watch for a friends request both in Discord and Rockstar Social Club.

Once a Discord link has been sent out, you will be asked to join a voice channel

with our Recruiter to do a quick voice interview.  


Voice chat is mandatory while playing with the Punks, so make sure you have a microphone set up for

push-to-talk within Discord before you join the channel.  


Punks Forever, Forever Punks!

Infernal Punks tracks some personal information volunteered by the entrant with this form. By submitting an application, you consent to your information to be tracked for our purposes.  We will never sell or share your personal data with anyone.  Not even to drug cartel members who have our families held hostage for ransoms. Those dope-dealing bastards will never get us to talk.  Here's our Privacy Policy.