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Patched Members


A patched member or “Patch” is a full fledged respected member of the Infernal Punks Motorcycle Club. A patched member has earned their title and kutte by showing their dedication and willingness to participate as an active and productive member of the community.


They have earned the prestigious right of being called a Punk, through a unanimous vote by members of their respective charter.


In order to become a patched member, you must undergo your prospecting period. Please refer to our Prospect Page for more information


Patched members are sworn to uphold the values and bylaws of the club. Because of this vow, Punks have earned several privileges and access above Hangarounds or Prospects:


  1. Vote on club business that passes through charters and national church. The most important principle of the club and your right as a full patch.

  2. Take Prospects under your wing. A training responsibility that is not to be taken lightly.

  3. Access to new discord channels (both text and voice).

  4. Wear your charter-specific kutte. A symbol of status and respect, you are now a true 1% outlaw.

  5. Participate in club business discussion during your charter church and national church. Your opinion matters now!

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