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Bung-eezus I'm falling!

"I hope someone catches me. Are you ready? Okay, aaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH" - Daniel probably.

August 2nd the punks had a Bungee Jumping tournament hosted by our member Ascension. Many a suicidal soul jumped off Bacchus bridge only to be caught from the jaws of death! Some made it, others did not. Our intrepid competitors set out to catch 3 jumpers for a maximum amount of points.

One man rose above them all and showed his prowess with the lasso, Kilefa came out on top with the most points! Daniel came in second, and there was a vicious battle of the Lasso for third between Wump and Ascension! Ascension took home third by soundly lasso-whipping the bossman!

Our night ended quite explosively as the gang decided it was all over, if they couldn't jump off the bridge without being caught, they would try to take the bridge with them! Stay tuned for more Rootin' Tootin' Red Dead content!

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