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Cairn Lake turns into brutal arena!

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The sound of teeth rattling across the ice covered Cairn lake fell upon cauliflower ears the night of December 1st as the Punks gathered for the FIRST Fight Night on PC! Daniel exclaimed, "What in tarnation!", as he gazed upon 21 participants duking it out right in front of Flaco Hernández's current place of residence.

Punches, kicks, headbutts and possible knee-to-groin techniques galore fill the night with the groans of pain until finally one laggy fuck of a varmint called Kaala stands victorious after a brutal three-way fight between Natalie (NOT MALAGULD THANKS BUDDY) and Anissem! Quickly after her victory, Kaala exclaims "snipers I'm out" and disconnects!

NEXT WEEK someone will become RICH BEYOND THEIR LAMEST DREAMS when the poor man's Poker Night comes up! Maybe someone will write something about it maybe not because we're LAZY FUCKS!

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