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D.P. Church and Skeletor's introduction.

Ok guys. I just finished decoding the second report I intercepted. If anyone can help me narrow down who they think he is please let me know.

Message is as follows:

Report Incoming


I made it in. I am in the Church of the Del Perro Charter of IPMC!

I was invited in to introduce myself as a new hangaround. They dont suspect a thing.

They ask about the hangarounds elbows and voice changers. not sure why the elbows are of interest.

they keep track of each others money and make the poorest one sleep on the beach. in the sand. I dont like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

They keep track of who joins enemy MC's. Must make sure my cover remains intact.

BEMC. Must research the meaning of this. I'm assuming it means Bacon Eggs Mayo and Corn.

they are so hardcore they ride Faggio's.

They have 2 Chubby's. not sure if he is actually chubby or if he is skinny and that is a ironic nickname. May also be same person.

Negative on same person theory. One of the chubby's is called pudgy as to avoid confusion.

IPMC 2 year anniversary is coming up. Frank "Poo Boi" is hosting a event. Must rub poo on my face to get closer to frank.

I'm not sure if "scumbag" is a term of endearment or if they hate each other.

I was not allowed into the Roundtable. I will have to earn their trust before they allow me in there. Soon though. SOON!!!

I was told to go outside and guard the bikes. I had to fight the urge to rig each and every bike with explosives. i have to remember to play the long con here.

Church has concluded. We are on our way to the beach. They are making the hangaround Tika a prospect. But in order for her to become a prospect

frank takes her out into the ocean on a jetski and makes her swim back.

They went out what appears to be roughly 4-5 miles from land. No wonder their members are such hardened warriors.

During my prospect period the hardest thing I had to do was give havoc a foot massage. He has such delicate feet.

This concludes the report.

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