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Evil Turkeys subsided, while bellies rise!

"What in tarnation!" Wumpy was said to have exclaimed as he found an evil glowing red tablet left somewhere on the floor nearby Hanging Dog Ranch! "I can't even read english, how am I supposed to read THIS?!"

The tablet was soon found to actually have been written in an old native language that Bishop and Erock together were able to decipher. "Evil turkeys! They are being taken over by demons concentrated within their snoods. We must stop them before they gobble up the entire world!" Bishop exclaimed. Even as the gang were gearing up to defend Hanging Dog Ranch, they were able to hear the demonic gobbles of the evil turkeys forming up.

The Punks took to the battlefield and all valiantly fought the evil off to live another day. Altogether 47 evil turkeys were vanquished with Ascension taking the lead for most turkeys captured! With their numbers dwindling, the turkey army fled into the darkness in which they came, vowing to return one day. Now with plenty to eat for thanksgiving and the upcoming winter, the Punks can rest easy... or can they?

Was Ascension taken over by the very evil he was trying to defeat?! *dramatic music*

Thank you to everyone who came to the event and thank you Von for the Turkeyscension picture. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Ascension: 8

Yttermayn: 7

Jax: 7

Grim: 6

Von: 5

Bishop: 5

Erock: 4

Jota: 3

Zero: 2 Savage: 0

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