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Halloween fun at Martha's Grave! (Hosted by Von)

It's boring to be dead. It's too quiet and after the bugs have eaten your flesh there is no one to talk to! That is why Martha, after being contacted in the afterlife by Von, agreed to allow the Punks to have their Halloween costume contest at her grave in Lagras!

The Punks had two categories for the contest! Horror Icon Costume and Personalized Costume! After revealing all of their costumes and there being much debate and voting... the winners was...

1st Place: Wumpy as Chucky! (2nd place was Horse the Witch, 3rd was Von as Ripley)

For the personalized costume, the winner was...

1st Place: Ascension as ManBearPig's Wife! (2nd place Natalie as Caliou, 3rd place Jota as the Cultist!

After the winners were announced... all of the Punks were then possessed by the ghost of Martha, who demanded BLOOD! She made the participants attack each other with sharpened knives, tomahawks and axes all around her grave until only one person was left alive and blood soaked... JESSA_420!


Thanks to all who came and participated! It was a lot of fun!

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