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I have intercepted a transmission. We may have a mole.

So I was sitting here running some resupplies while listening to my Brittany Spears/George Michaels playlist when I received a coded transmission that I think was intended for SKEL leadership. I believe we have a mole in our MC. As I get them decoded I will post them. Message is as follows:

Missions Briefing 10-5-18

Connecting to Secure Channel.......Connected

Users Connected:



Agent SKELetor

Summary as follows:

Agent SKELetor: Reporting for duty commanders! I apologize for being late. I seem to have lost my invitation.

Havoc: You were banished from this MC, Agent!?

Agent SKELetor: Yea...i quit that.

Weavie: You quit being banished!?

Agent SKELetor: Yes. It was boring. I am a warrior of SKEL. You can not plan missions without me!

Weavie: The last mission we planned you started the attack before we even left our own clubhouse!

Havoc: You made the clubhouse fires worse!!

Agent SKELetor: I made them worse?.....or better?

Weavie: Worse...much Worse.

Agent SKELetor: Give me another chance to prove to you that i am a SKEL Warrior. I will infiltrate any MC you ask without fail!

Havoc: Fine fine. We are assigning you a mission of utmost importance!! You will infiltrate the Infernal Punks MC!

Weavie: *whispers to Havoc* The IPMC!! Thats a suicide mission!! No one has ever been sucessful at infiltrating them!

Havoc: *whispers to Weavie* I know. We will finally be rid of this insane agent!

Agent SKELetor: The IPMC!! The most hardcore, badass, 1%'ers GTA V has ever known!! I accept this mission! I will start right away!

I will not disappoint you! I shall bring the IPMC to its knees in a matter of weeks. What are my mission perimeters?

Havoc: Uuuuuummmm...Infiltrate, gain trust, and dismantle from within. Learn what makes them so strong. Learn what makes them so badass.

Learn why they are so much better than us in everyway.

Agent SKELetor: It will be done. I shall send you a report every chance i get. Thank you great ones!

Weavie: He is as good as dead.

Havoc: Lets hope so.

Connection Terminated....

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