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Infernal Assembly - March

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Last month was ripe with achievements! The guild now has ALL OF THE GOSH DARN ATTUNABLE STATIONS. Thank you all who helped with the gold and materials to make it happen!

Our group was able to clear veteran Rockgrove twice, normal Dread Sail Reef four times and veteran Kyne's Aegis. We've cleared the entire overland map of skyshards and public dungeon bosses for skillpoints! We've caused some havoc in Cyrodiil and Imperial City and even did some delve and dwemer treasure hunting!

Our prog group is still currently still trying to beat vDSR and have managed to beat the twins twice. We've had some promotions since last assembly:

Alowana has become champion!

Drawishes has become champion!

LightofHope has become guardian!

Unfortunately Mado has been burnt out on the game and has decided to take a break from ESO, but fortunately has gone Punk and stayed in the community!

Past Events:

Monday nDSR trials by Spoon(x4)

Know What I Meme by VnnY

Dungeon and Delve Divers by Crash

Finished all PVE Skyshards by Jess (x4)

Lorebook Run by Kai

Achievement hunting by Banana

IC/Cyrodiil runs by Light

vDSR progs by Wumpy

IC run by Light

Transmute Farming by Wumpy

Transmute Farming by Jess

Dwemer Treasure Diving by Syrena

vKA training run by Wumpy

Cyrodiil run by Light

PvP prog group by Goat


Special Thanks:

Goat - 69,000 gold

Hope - 15mil gold

Jess - 4mil gold

Wumpy - 4mil gold


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