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Infernal Assembly - April

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The veteran Dreadsail Reef prog group was able to defeat the last boss of the veteran trial, Taleria! We will be going back in one more time to defeat it once again, then move onto another trial if people are wanting to! CONGRATULATIONS to -everyone- for your hard work.

Jess strutted her stuff on the catwalk and won the title of Miss Tamriel! You cheater.

We've run naked through dungeons, run wild in Cyrodiil trying to collect Skyshards and strolled through some dungeons to listen and understand the stories that they have. On top of all that... the man, the myth... Crash... is now apart of the High Council. He walks a higher path. Not only because of the copious amounts of weed that Jess expels from her pores that gets him a second hand high, but because he is now an officer! Will he go crazy with power?! Only time will tell!

Here are some promotions that happened during this month!

Crash has become part of the High Council!

RedVelvet has become champion!

Unfortunately LightofHope hasn't had much time to play the game lately and has stepped down as Guardian. Thank you for all the PvP goodness, Light!

Past Events:

vDSR run for Kim - Banana

Transmute Tuesday - Wumpy

Miss Tamriel - Vnny (Winner Jess, second place Wump, third place Draw)

PvP No CP IC - Light

Cyrodiil Skyshard Run - Jess

This One’s On Me Achievement Run - Banana

Harvest Run - Syrena Pledge Runs - Kai

Naked Dungeon Run - Banana

Dungeon and Delve Divers - Crash

The Mado Card Event - Spoon

Transmute Tuesday - Jess

Cyrodiil Skyshard Run 2 - Jess

Crypt of Hearts 1 & 2 Story Stroll - Syrena

Mummy Tabby Grind - Banana

Upcoming Events:

EmPIEior Event - Wump

Goat Stampede - Goat

Skyshard Clears in Cyrodiil - Jess

vDSR Prog Group (Finale) - Wumpy

Kitty Kat Grind - Banana

First Person Dungeon Run - Banana

Transmute Tuesdays - Wumpy

Special Thanks:

Spoon - 3 million (Tribute Tournament prizes)

Crash - 1 million


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