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Infernal Assembly - August

The Punks have now comfortably moved into our newest guild hall at the Seaveil Spire now that is has all the traditional furnishings, mundus stones, tables and trial dummies that they can shake a stick at! Just in time for the Punk Chapter's ESO ANNIVERSARY!

Our first auction run by Jess came out to a great success that made the guild mucho golderino! Motifs, style pages and more were sold while some members were turned into slaves acquisitions for gold and helped their buyer with WHATEVER they wanted in ESO! Crash also ran an anniversary raid over in Rockgrove!

"Wow! I'll never use another guild's guild hall again after this!" - quote from Banana

"I shall never use any training dummy, for DPS does not matter to me! Let us sue for peace with thine enemies!" - quote from Umi

Sadly the halls of the Punks did not emit any wonderful instrumental tunes, as the group that were booked for this assembly were a no-show. Perhaps the band all got the flu? Nevertheless, the crowded assembly went on! We all stood in awe as Syrena's new hodor icon was bestowed upon her due to her hard work as a guardian. Coco strikes fear on any eyes who dare look upon it. The Zeal of Zenithar event has come and gone, giving us plenty of loot and experience for our trade and commerce skills.

We also have a new member of the High Council, Shrimp, who has been a valued member of the Punks community for years and has been sentenced accepted to help lead the ESO side of the Punks. He is plagued by unending thoughts of cats. Help him.

We've had some promotions this month!

Xio has made champion!

Moon has made champion!

Scoot has made champion!

Royal has made champion!

Kai has returned and has made champion!

Shrimp has become part of the High Council!

Past Events:

vSS Funsies - Banana

vSE Prog team - Wumpy (first clears for Drawishes SeanDUrban Jess franny SlayerSyrena MoonlightSergal Kionney Spoon)

vSS - Draw

Transmute Tuesday - Wumpy

vSE trainer - Wumpy

vRG trainer - Umi

vSS hm trainer - Velvet

Volcanic Vent Hunters - Syrena

Anniversary Raid vRG - Crash (wumpy took over since crash couldn't come)

Urn Farming - Banana

Public Dungeon Running - Sean

Cyrodiil PvP - Shrimp

Slave Auction - Jess

Malacath's Smack-a-Palooza - Kionney (Xio won, jess lost)

vSE perfect no death training run - Wumpy

Weekly Endeavor run (7 public dungeon bosses) - Jess

Necrom Zone Clear - Jess

Survey, Leads, and Treasure Maps. Oh My! - Banana

BRP xp run - Kionney

BRP xp run - LightOfHope

nSS - Jess

Survey Maps - Philamina

6th House Banner farming - Kionney

vSS run - Wumpy (Shrimp and Royals first clear ever)

Fan of False face - Kionney

nHRC gear farm - Umi

vCR+0 - Shrimp

Destruction of the Arena - Kionney (Sean won, Eternal second, Banana, Bigg)

Urn Farming - Banana

vSE - Shrimp (first clear for Grumpy, Bob, Kraall and Roaly)

Squirrel farming - Banana

vMOL training - Wump

Public Dungeon Runs - Sean

vCR+1 training run - Shrimp

vSE spider farm - Shrimp

Node Harvesting - Syrena

Surveys, Leads, and Treasure Maps - Banana

Zenithar Parcel Farming - Crash

Squirrel Farm - Banana

Bait vKA - Banana

Zenithar Parcel Farm - Jess

Zenithar Parcel Farm - Wump

Zenithar Parcel Farming - Crash

nCR+0 x3 weekly endeavor - Jess

Future Events:

vMOL Prog held by Wumpy

vKA hm held by Shrimp

The great fishing event by Banana

whatever events we come up with!

What are some of the notable achievements that members have done this month?

Xio - vBRP first clear

Franny - Got Arcanist to 50

Draw - Got the logo ready

Grumpy - vDSA with guildies, leaderboard loot

Light - Sleeping through the question

Philamina - Joining more and more trials and running first event. Scoot - vDSR HM

Kionney - Destroying the arena, predicted to open back up sometime next year

SeanDUrban - Completed style master’s

Syrena - vSE clear

Crash - vHoF trifecta progging

Jess - Helping grow the guild and raise money

Shrimp - Scalecaller trifecta

Shay - got on the game

BiggBlyat - vKA clear, vDSR progging

Bob - vSE healing

Brain - First time trials

Carlos - Getting to level 50 for the first time

ChrisThunder - Joining the guild and meeting us all

Deceit - 4000 achievement points in a month

Harvey - Finished 14 styles for crafting

HotSprinkles - Almost at a companion

Karme - Maelstrom first time

Roaly - Sleeping through the question

Schester - vRG first time tanking

SeanOfTheDead - Getting gear together for a build

UncleSalty - Lots of things, crafting, trials, etc.

Zedodragon - nCR first time doing a trial

Special Thanks:

250k - Jess

2 million gold - Draw

3.5 million gold - Shrimp

9k - Sean

2,208 gold - Banana

500k - Wump

1.1 million - Syrena

1 million - Bigg (from Kionney’s Event)

2500 crowns for the Destruction event - Kionney

Scrivener’sHall Vault Door recipe (2.6 mil) -Jedi

110K - Philamina

50K - SeanOfTheDead

And thank you for all the auction donations!


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