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Infernal Assembly - December

The holidays are here and someone has set up the Tales of Tribute table up at the guild hall! Punks who have signed up are now battling it out to see who indeed is the best card player around!

We have had some promotions since last assembly:

  • Syrena has become champion!

  • Goose has become champion!

  • Kai has become champion!

Yet even more attunable stations become part of the Punks collection due to the hard work of our guys!

Jess set up the following stations at the guild hall while screaming:

  • Adept Rider stations

  • Atherial Ascension stations

  • Law of Julianos stations

The Punks were able to defeat yet another round of veteran trials, Aetherian Archive and Sactum Ophidia! With the help of trial leads Naughtysauce and Ellanen, both of those trials went down smoothly! Alas, not everything is meant to be a walk in the park... the Punks have currently met their match with the trials veteran Sunspire and veteran Kyne's Aegis! Will the Punks be able to defeat these in the future?!

Dungeon gear runs, trial gear runs and zone clears continue to be held weekly to help our guys get what they need for their needs! Arena nights also happened and we got some normal Black Rose Prison clears. A PvP dueling event happened in Franny's dueling arena and Wumpy came out the victor! There was also a naked dueling event right after that Jess won. Will anyone be able to top him next time?

Past Events:

  • Veteran Sanctum Ophidia was cleared

  • Tuesday dungeon gear runs

  • Wednesday zone clears - hosted by Jess

  • Arena Night - hosted by Ali

  • Trial gear guns

  • PvP Dueling Contest - hosed by Franny (Winner: Wump)

  • Veteran Sunspire Progression trials - hosted by Wump

Upcoming Events:

  • Tales of Tribute Tournament - hosted by Mado

  • The skeever who stole christmas (thieving event) - hosted by Wump

  • Tuesday dungeon gear runs

  • Wednesday Zone Clears - hosted by Jess

  • Thursday trial gear runs

  • Sunday veteran Sunspire prog trials - hosted by Wump

  • Dragon Hunting - hosted by Spoon

  • PvP dueling event - hosted by Franny

Special Thanks:

  • Syrena - 100k+ and 1 attunable crafting table

  • Anonymous - 5 Million gold

  • Jess - 12 attunable crafting tables

  • Franny - 600k and 1 attunable crafting table

Until next time, keep up the great work everyone!

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