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Infernal Assembly - February

Holy macaroni! It's already February and there is already a sickness spreading throughout the Punks; more on that later.

The season of the Dragon event as come and gone. Many of the punks utilized their training from the past prog run and farmed veteran Sunspire for those sweet double drops! New content has been revealed by ZOS and people are already making plans for the new class coming out; the Arcanist!

The punks now only need 18 more attunable tables before all of them are in our possession! We want to thank each and every one of you who have donated and ran events in the effort to outfit the guild. Hopefully the new all-in-one attunable table will allow us to make our guild hall look like less of a sweatshop!

The prog group for veteran Sunspire has officially ended with tremendous success. I can confidently say that most if not all of the members of the progression group came out a better player. Big thanks to all who helped out (whether if they are still here or not)


vSS Prog Group

Main Tank - Goose

Off Tank - Banana

Group Healer - Grey

Tomb Healer - Jess

DPS - Franny

DPS - Syrena

DPS - Wumpy

DPS - Kai

DPS - Fluff

DPS - Spoon

DPS - Crash

DPS - Ali

Fills: Mado, Jax, Sloth, Gesunder, Zac and Eternal


Onto the promotions since last assembly:

LightofHope has become champion!

VnnY has become champion!

Grumpy has become champion!

Kai has become guardian!

Banana has become guardian!

Unfortunately our dearest Mado has stepped down as guardian, but is still remaining a champion for the punks! We appreciate all the work you have put in!

Past Events:

Fishing Contest (Winner was Jess) - Hosted by Banana

Normal Cloudrest - hosted by Franny and Wump

PvP tips - hosted by Light

Dragon hunting - hosted by Spoon

Skyshard runs - hosted by Jess

Lorebook runs - hosted by Kai

Dungeon/Stickerbook runs - hosted by Sloth

Harvest run - hosted by Syrena

PvP intro to IC and Cyrodiil - hosted by Light

Harvest run (2) - hosted by Syrena

a shit load of vSS runs in the P.U.G. Trial discord - hosted by Banana

Upcoming Events:

PvP Prog Group - hosted by Goat

PvE Prog Group (vDSR) - trial led by FastEddy

Monday trial (nDSR) - hosted by Spoon

Skyshard runs - hosted by Jess

Know What I Meme - hosted by VnnY

Morning trifecta group - hosted by Spoon

Special Thanks:

Crash - 1 million gold for crafting tables

Light - 28 million gold for crafting tables, 600 Rosin, 400 Temp Alloy

VnnY - 1.2 million gold

Kai - 3 million gold

Shay - 80k+ gold

Jess - 2 million gold

Special Hate:

Alowana for licking all of our spoon(s) during the night due to Wumpy laughing at her sick voice. We all have a sickness debuff now because of you. Damn you, Alowana. Damn You.

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