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Infernal Assembly - January

Happy New Year!

Last year was a great start for the Punks Chapter in Elder Scrolls Online. Let's make 2023 an even better one!

Plenty has happened since last assembly! We now have ALL the Mundus Stones! The Tales of Tribute tournament concluded and we have new champions and guardians! We've hunted down dragons led by Spoon! Tamriel was stolen blind during the New Life festival by Syrena!

We also have a new guild hall and furniture gifted by our guardians!

The Pantherfang Chapel

A great majority of the veteran Sunspire prog group has beaten the trial for the first time! (The prog group will continue for more practice)

Stifledgoat won first prize for the Tales of Tribute hosted by Mado

Wumpy was finally overthrown by Goat in the most recent PvP dueling events held by Goat and Frannypoo!

We have had some promotions since last assembly:

Blue has become champion!

Crash has become champion!

The Artist Formerly Known as Ducky but is now known as Stitch has become champion!

Goat has become champion!

Grey has become champion!

Banana has become champion!

Franny "Blood Money Baby" Poo has become guardian!

Syrena has become guardian!

Upcoming Events:

  • Normal Cloudrest - hosted by Franny

  • Fishing contest - hosted by Banana

  • PvP tips - hosted by Light

  • Dragon hunting - hosted by Spoon

  • Skyshard zone clear - hosted by Jess

  • Lorebook zone clear - hosted by Kai

  • Dungeon stickerbook runs - hosted by Sloth

Special Thanks:

  • Kai - 1 million gold, 8 crafting stations

  • Banana - 3 perfect roe as additional prizes for thief event

  • Syrena - 24k gold

  • Santa - Apprentice, Lady and Mage mundus stones

  • Light 20 million gold to guild bank - 15 million to guild hall

  • Jess - 2 million gold

  • Crash - Serpent and Tower mundus

  • Guardians - Pantherfang Chapel, New Life Furniture set, Cathedral Furniture set

  • Fluff - Aetherial Well

  • Goat - 500k gold

  • Wump - 500k gold

  • Jess for setting up all the new crafting stations!

  • Franny for helping set up the new guild hall kitchen

  • Mado for setting up the Tales of Tribute room in the guild hall!

  • Crash for helping set up the mundus stones in the chapel!

  • Spoon for spooning!

I don't know if I forgot anything. But thank you all for all the great energy!

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