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Infernal Assembly - July

Updated: Jul 12, 2023


The Punks had to go on a hunt to find the things that were stolen out of our guild hall! After minutes of hard searching we were able to find clues! Blonde hair, a joint, and a can of redbull! There was only one culprit that could be behind this: Jess!

The Punks tracked her down and found that her and Crash had been behind it all! There they spilled the beans and told us they had built us an entirely new Guild Hall! Everyone's pure rage turned into astonishment as they saw the work they put into Seaveil Spire!

After everyone put down their ropes and pitchforks, the Punks sat down and began their Infernal Assembly!

We have had some promotions this month!

Velvet has made guardian!

Shrimp has made guardian!

Philamina has made champion!

Banana's Hodor Icon has now been completed and anyone with the Hodor Reflexes Add-on is now able to view her fishy banana icon!

Past Events:

Captain Contest - Banana (Shrimp 1st place, Wump 2nd)

Dungeon Gear farming - Umi

Volcanic Vent Vanquishers - Syrena

Public Dungeon runs - Sean

Kitty Cat Grind - Banana (made 450k for guild)

Skyshard Run (Glenumbra) - Jess

Telvanni Peninsula Zone quests - Kionney

Normal nSE trial - Kionney

Blue Spider mount grind - Alowana

vHRC run - Velvet

vHRC HM run - Velvet (Alo, Woz, Shrimp, Xio, Grumpy’s first time clearing it) sadly they vote kicked wump

Survey/Treasure map clearing - Banana

nDSR - Shrimp

Harvest Run - Syrena

IC Telvar Run - Shrimp

IC No-CP telvar grind - Shrimp

Telvanni Fishing grind - Banana

vAS - Umi

Transmute Tuesday - Wumpy

Telvanni Fishing - Banana

Skyshard clear in Stormhaven - Jess

Fungal Grotto I prog - Umi

Treasure/Survey clearing - Banana

vAA run - Velvet (first clear for shrimp, florqt, Jess, Alowana, Toomba

Special Trial Run - Kionney

Stickerbook grind - Kionney

vHOF Progs - Finally complete!

Guar Stomp Emote grind 1 - Banana

Guar Stomp Emote grind 2 - Banana

Craglorn bosses - Jess

World Boss hunting (craglorn) - Banana

vDSR run - Shrimp (first clears by Stitch, Royal and Deceit)

vCR0 run - Velvet

Guar Stomp Emote grind 3 - Banana

Bastion Nymic runs - Kionney

Dungeon Story Stroll (Darkshade Caverns I & II) - Syrena

Scrying Event - Banana & Kionney

Necrom Daily Quests - Jess

vSS - Crash (Philamina and Flor's first time clearing)

Leading hunting - Alowana

Umi and Scooter got married - Umi

vCR+0 run - Velvet (first clear for Jess, Philamina, Deceit, Flor)

Here Fishy Fishy - Crash (2 million raised for the guild)

Story Stroll Darkshade Caverns I &II - Syrena

Telvar Runs - Shrimp

vDSR trial - Shrimp

Upcoming Events:

2 year guild anniversary - wear your tabards!

What are some of the notable achievements that people have done this month?

Alowana – Enjoying the new Chapter Release

Grumpy – Fishing in Telvania

JediGrindTricks – Being apart of the Infernal Punks

Philamina – Killed all of the Crag bosses and enjoying scrying and doing trials

SeanDUrban – working through dungeon achievements

Spoon – Multi- vHof clears

Umi – Got to 200 CP

BananaFish – Got a few people their Guar Stomp and hanging out with the punks

Kionney – Depth Mount and light store

Shrimp – dying in lava in no death run

SlayerSyrena – Fishing in new Zone and enough Gold recipe to earn over 10 million gold

Crash – surviving Covid

Jess – finishing Vet Cloudrest

Wumpy –getting trifecta for Graven deep

Deceit – Finished over 200 achievements in game

MoonlightSegal – lost controller so didn’t get to play much…

Scoot84 – Got released from Dr. from crushing his hand in hydraulic press in Feburary – Band of Torn at 280 CP

XiokroDarc – Doing twins on vDSR, Cyrodil bomb play.

Magoda – Finishing his DPS set..

Philamina BOB – First Time healing Trail

Special Thanks:

Ummi - 1 million

Alo - 2 million

Velvet - 3 million

Shrimp - 3 million & 100 mundane runes for the guild hall furnishings.

Philamina - 500k

Tank - 2 million

Kionney - 4 crafting tables

Banana - 1.5 million

Crash - 1 million from fishing event - 1 mil donation from Flor & 25k from Royal to NOT fish

Wump - 750k from BRP whoring


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