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Infernal Assembly - March 2024

And so it begins!!!

Wumpy, our fearless leader, while visiting the PvP arena, fell victim to the ravaging attacks of a horde of Greebles that had taken up camp in the chaotic hysteria of a conjured world of death and destruction. By the time aid was able to reach Wumpy, it was too late. The Greebles were able to suck the brown cerebral liquid from Wumpy's brain that once kept him sane. It was too late!!! Wumpy's mind was gone, and for fear of him becoming another Greeble, Crash stepped in along with other Punks to slaughter the horde of Greebles. Crash summoned the last remaining power that remained in Wumpy to aid the Infernal Punks with their quest to conquer the evil within Tamriel. The hysterically insane Wumpy was bound and taken to the Doomchar Plateau where he was thrown into the Lake of Fire to have his soul purged from the cancerous Greeble aids. Before casting Wumpy into the Lake of Fire, Crash cast the spell "Breath of Life" with the hope that Wumpy would return from the soul-purging flames. As it were, the spell worked, and Wumpy's soul had been purged, but his mind remained an empty void of randomness. It was determined by the High Council that Wumpy would have to remain at Doomchar Plateau to live out his last years, building his eternal abode among the flames. Cries can be heard from those passing of Wumpy's rage fits of trying to figure out how to use EHT.

The Infernal Punks were left with an emptiness because their friend, companion, and leader had fallen; however, the Punks cheered, knowing that Crash would continue to lead them forward, destroying the enemies of Tamriel.

So the era of Crash "The Oolong Tiger" begins!!!

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