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Infernal Assembly - May

During this assembly we learned what people's proudest moment for them was during this last month of playing ESO! We also learned that Syrena is a damned monster at playing musical chairs because she won and made us all mad that she won because a bear ate us when she won and she got lots of gold while the bear ate us. Votes to ban her are underway.

This is the bear that ate us.

Veteran Kyne's Aegis has been absolutely obliterated and thrown to the wayside! Lieutenant Dan got served his ice cream... of DEATH! One member, known as Franny Blood Money Baby" Poo was heard viciously screaming, "DON'T BE BRINGING THAT WEAK SHIT HERE DAN!!" as the team defeated him and the boss he was trying to protect.

Here is the roster for vKA:

Main Tank: PRG

Off-Tank: Jedi

Healer 1: Draw

Healer 2: Kionney/Berry

DPS: Syrena

DPS: Jess

DPS: Franny

Boat DPS: Yousef

DPS: Kionney

DPS: Spoon

DPS: Joe

DPS: Wumpy

The Jester's Festival and the Jubilee Anniversary events have come and gone! Lots of loot and achievements were gained as well as a boatload of XP. We: smoked dragons, thrown pies in people's faces, gained the Empieror title, completed all the skyshards that Tamriel had to offer, learned the stories of Wayrest Sewers and Spindle Clutch dungeons, ate cake, grinded for kitty pets, did a 1st person dungeon run (never again), did some dirty work for the mage/fighters/undaunted guilds, conquered vDSR and vKA and much, much more!

We had plenty of promotions this month. Here they are:

Jedi has become champion!

Zach has become champion!

Sean has become champion!

PRG has become champion!

Kionney has become champion!

Sadly our dear Kai has stepped down as guardian after some burnout and been snagged by the whorish clutches of Minecraft! Damn you, Notch! Damn you!

Banana and Syrena have been going above and beyond the call of duty:black ops II and have been rewarded with the gold to get their own Hodor icon!

Past Events:

EmPIEror Title Grind x2 – Wumpy (Jester festival)

Skyshard Clear/ Cyrodill – Jess

Mummy Kitty Kat Grind - Banana

First Person Dungeon Run - Banana

Cyrodiil skyshard run - Jess

Goat Stampede (Cyrodiil Race) - Goat

Transmute Tuesdays

vDSR prog (finale) - Wumpy

Mummy Kitty Cat Grind - Banana

First Person Dungeon Run - Banana

Dungeon & Delve Divers - Crash

Daily Quests for Jubilee Event Boxes - Jess

Dungeon Story Stroll: Spindleclutch I&II - Syrena

Survey and Treasure Map Day - Banana

Mummy Kitty Cat Grind - Banana

Dungeon Story Stroll: Wayrest Sewers I&II - Syrena

Smokin’ Dragons - Spoon

?? (I forgot what was supposed to be here)

Undaunted Key vet - Kai

Material Harvesting - Syrena (Alowana cheated won)

Kitty Cat run - Banana

vKA prog run - Wump

vDSR stickerbook run - Banana

Guild Daily Quests - Jess

Scrying Spree - Syrena

Big Eared Ginger Kat Grind - Banana

Upcoming Events:

More dirty work for the guilds

Transmute farming

Veteran Halls of Fabrication prog

Bait n' Switch normal trials

Veteran Dragon Star Arena runs

Dungeon and Delve Divers

Story Stroll: Banished Cells I&II

Obstacle Course Runs

and much more!

It's late at night and I'm not sure what else to put! BYE

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