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Infernal Assembly - November

Our mighty argonian leader Alijha has stepped down as speaker! We thank him for the work he put into the guild while he was in charge. We hope to see you soon!

Some clown holding a cup of coffee has taken the reigns as speaker! Will he spend all of the guild's money on moonsugar and wenches at the brothels?! Only time will tell.

Since last assembly some amazing things have happened:

  • Franny has become a champion!

  • Shay has become a champion!

  • Audio has become a champion!

  • Spoon has become a champion AND then was promoted to guardian!

Our collection of attunable stations and mundus stones have grown thanks to generous donations and hard work from our guys!

Our newest additions:

  • Order's Wrath stations

  • Wretched Vitality stations

  • Clever Alchemist

  • Daedric Trickery

  • Lover Mundus Stone (donated by Bluecifer)

The Punks were able to take down their very first vet trial Hel Ra Citadel! Under the guidance of seasoned veteran (and new wanderer) Naughtysauce, the veteran was cut down! Will the Punks be able to defeat their next challenge, veteran Aetherian Archive?! (spoilers: we did)

Past Events:

  • Imperial Sewer Run - hosted by Mado

  • Tuesday Dungeon Runs - hosted by Mado

  • Skeleton Polymorph Quest (hosted by Spoon)

  • Wednesday Zone Clear - hosted by Jess

  • Friday Night Halloween Horror Movies - hosted by Jess

  • Thursday/Saturday Trials - hosted by Wump (1st Vet Trial)

  • Halloween Fashion Contest - hosted by Ali (1st Place: Jess, Runner-Up: Womp)

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday Gear Runs - hosted by Mado

  • Wednesday Zone Clear - hosted by Jess

  • Thursday Pick up Trials for Gear - hosted by Wump

  • Housing Contest - 1 Million Prize, next Saturday 7pm ET- hosted by Jess

  • Sunday Vet Trials - hosted by Wump

Special thanks:

  • To everyone who tried to offer their (bound) attunable tables.

  • Dayken - 1 million gold

  • Jess - 1.25 million gold

  • Wump - 250k gold

  • Shrimp - 4 million gold (spent on crafting tables)

  • Bluecifer - The Lover Mundus Stone

Until next time, keep up the great work everyone!

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