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Infernal Assembly - October


...after she cruelly gives Wumpy more work hours and drives him more insane. She leads the Infernal Assembly and begins to scream at everyone in a horrid manner for absolutely no reason at all! Everyone recoils and fear and begins to kotow to hopefully not be smote harshly!

She makes every buy at LEAST one item from the The Infernal Punks Merch Store and by golly there hasn't been so many Infernal Punks bibs sold at one time! Buy one NOW to save us!

We had a promotion this month!

InfiniteRose has made champion!

Past Events:

Squirrel Pet Grind - Banana

vAS+1 Felms Trainer - Smirk (First clear for xio)

vKA HM Prog Part 1 - Shrimp

Motif Farming (Bait) - Banana

vAA HM & vHRC HM - Velvet (First HM clears for Ms_Deya, Salty, Philamina, Jalken, Zan', Karme, Jess)

Public Dungeons - Sean

Harvest Run - Syrena

Slimecraw/Tremorscale Style Page Farming - Kionney

Tel Var Farming - Shrimp

Transmute Tuesday - Wumpy

Motif 107 and 117 farm - Banana

vKA HM part 2 - Shrimp

Bethesda live stream watch party - Kionney

Thieving event - Crash

Volcanic Vanquishers - Syrena

vMOL - Velvet

Normal Trial Grinding - Wump

vDSR Non-bait twin prog - Banana

Zone fishing - Sean

Motif 107 and 117 farm - Banana

vKA HM part 3 - Shrimp

Cyrodiil Questing - Jess

Normal Trial Farming - Shrimp

vSO HM - Velvet (First clears for scum and jalken)

Public Dungeon runs - Sean

vKA hm Part 4 - Shrimp

vKA no comms - Umi

vAS + 2 and +1 (+1 clear) - Smirk

Dungeon Story Stroll - Syrena

What are some notable achievements that members have done this month?

Franny - Grand Master Crafter

Grumpy - Almost completed his sticker book, only 4 or 5 away

Philamina - All gold gear on Necromancer and going to 2 bar build and hard mode bosses

Rhineheart - Picked up last lead for Mages Amulet

Scoot - Hitting 1000 cp

Spoon - Didn’t have one

Kionney - Fucked up more of the arena <<<< ROFL

Velvet - Healing a vet trial

Syrenna - Got one step closer to the Deadlands personality

Kai - Nothing

Crash - Completing 3 achievements in vKA, 2 HM bosses and last boss with Lt Dan still alive

Jess - Finished all vet trials

Shrimp - 2 weekly trial leaderboard placements

Kraall - Got a couple hm trials cleared and some relics finished

PandoraMoss - First trial in a while and reached 400 cp

Vxnn13 - vMA first run without sigils

Special Thanks:

Syrena - 1 mil

Philamina - 200K

Banana - 200K

Heat - 1K


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