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Infernal Assembly - October Notes

Guild News

  • Mufti, Mado, and Nico were all promoted to the rank of Champion.

  • New crafting station sets: Ancient Dragonguard, Critical Riposte, Dauntless Combatant, and Unchained Aggressor.

Past Events

  • Tel Var Farming - hosted by Shrimp

  • Wednesday Zone Clear - hosted by Jess

  • Thursday Dungeons/Trials - hosted by Alijah

  • Friday/Saturday Trials - hosted by Wump

Upcoming Events

  • Last night at 8PM ET - hosted by Wump (guest naughtysauce)

  • Today 4 PM ET - Imperial City Sewer Swim - hosted by Mado

  • Halloween Horror Movie Nights - Every Friday at 7PM ET in October. - hosted by Jess

  • Wednesday Zone Clear - hosted by Jess

  • Thursday Dungeons - hosted by Alijah

  • Saturday Trials - hosted by Wump

  • 10/23 - 2:30 PM ET - Halloween Fashion Show - hosted by Ali

Special Thanks

  • A significant gold donation to the guild bank.

  • Harrowing Reaper Trial Dummy

  • 2 Attunable Stations

  • 3 Attunable Stations - Jess

  • 1 Attunable Station - Alijah

  • 3 Mundus Stones - Warrior, Steed, and Shadow - Fluff

New Member Introductions

  • Nico

  • Dayken

  • Bledreborn

  • Franny

  • Marine

  • Stifledgoat

  • Unclespoon

  • NaughtySauce

Guild Discussion

  • The guild needs unattuned crafting stations. The next sets we will get are Order’s Wrath, Wretched Vitality, Clever Alchemist, and Daedric Trickery

  • We will be updating the website with bios for Champions, Guardians, High Council, and Speaker. Please send in your photos and information.

  • New activity requirements have been pinned in Discord.

  • Decided to continue doing our guild intros prior to approving an in-game request.

  • Champions may run events! Use the Discord calendar to schedule anything you’d like to do. Wanderers should ask a Champion, Guardian, High Council, or the Speaker to schedule it for you.

  • We will delay a possible Tribute Tournament because not everyone has High Isle right now. We can revisit this after the holidays.

  • Interest in Scavenger Hunt and Housing Contest.

  • Mundus Stones Needed: Apprentice, Lady, Lover, Mage, Serpent, Tower.

  • New @dps, @heal, @tank roles on Discord. Let someone know if you need a tag!

  • We are working on getting a @esopvp tag for Discord.

  • The Dungeon Discord channel is open mic. Feel free to raid there.

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