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Infernal Assembly - September

Jimminy Jillickers!

This months the prog group for the Punks have been been able to take down the Maw of Lorkhaj after taking some time learning those pesky twins mechanics! Some delicious double XP was also gained for about a week until Todd Howard cruelly turned it off. Philamina has been showing some of that new hit show The Last Of Us! Kionney has been scaring the pants off of the Punks by streaming the Insidious series! Sean has made people lose their gosh darn minds by introducing them to that GOD DAMN MAZE WHICH I CAN'T DO but it was fun. We also had a champion meeting that was super secret and we possibly have a new handshake that only cool people know.


Have you ever wanted to have an Infernal Punks baby bib?! WELL HERE YOU GO!


Have you ever wanted your OWN personal Infernal Punks Fanny Pack?! HERE YOU GO!


You know you need it

We have had many promotions this month!

Salty has made champion!

Bigg has made champion!

Peld has made champion!

Bob has made champion!

Karme has made champion!

Rhineheart has made champion!

Deceit has made champion!

Spoon has made champion!

Smirk has made champion!

Wolf has made champion!

ChristThunder has made champion!

Past Events:

vHoF HM Prog - Shrimp

vSE Spider Farm - Shrimp

vRG NOT Bait (1st clear for Salty) - Banana

vKA - Banana

Scavenger Hunt - Jess

vMoL Prog - Wump

vHoF HM Prog 2 (clear) - Shrimp

Craglorn Clear - Salty & Jess

Volcanic Vents Vanquishers - Syrena

Squirrel Farm - Banana

Bait vDSR - Banana

Gold and XP Grind - Syrena

Thieving Event (Velvet won) - Crash

Ancestral Tomb Hunting Achievement - Jess

Pillar of Nirn Farm - Uncle Salty

Leads, Surveys, Maps - Philamina

Battlegrounds - Kionney

vRG Snake Farm - Shrimp

Taxi Friday (Wayshrines) - Kionney & Sean

Skyshard Hunting (Vvardenfell) - Kionney

Shalidor's Library Hunting - Kionney

Dungeon Story Stroll: Volenfell - Syrena

vDSR Twins Prog - Velvet

Tel Var Farming - Shrimp

vMoL Prog - Wump

vSO HM - Velvet

Obstacle Course - Sean

vRG - Shrimp

Public Dungeons - Sean

vCR +0 - Philamina

Squirrel Nut Farm - Banana

vSS (1st clear for Salty, Kraall, Bigg) - Shrimp

vAS +1 (1st clear for Shrimp, Kraall, Salty, Bigg, Banana, Kionney, Light) - Smirk

vMoL Prog Clear (1st clear for Salty, Sean, Brain) - Wump

Motif Farming Bait - Banana

vAS+0 (1st clear for Spoon, Xio, Philamina, Kraall, Goat) - Shrimp

Upcoming Events:

vAS+ 1 Felms trainer - Smirk

vCR+ 1 - Shrimp

Style Page Farming - Kionney

Motif Farming - Banana

What are some of the notable achievements that members have done this month?

Jedi - Breaking 120k parse threshold

Spoon - None

Red Velvet - Maintaining internet connection

Bigg - Bought and built first house

ChrisThunder - 100k stamplar parse

Drawishes - Didn’t pay for a subscription

Salty - First hm trial with vSO

Grumpy - vMoL clear

Kai - vMoL clear

Karme - Participating in more vet dungeons

LightOfHope - vSE clear

Rhineheart - Velothi-Ur amulet

Smirk - Vateshran and Bal Sunnar trifecta’s

Stifledgoat - Not breaking sorcerer with new patch

XiokroDarc - BRP daggers and bow

Kionney - Filming new arena

Crash - vMoL HM

Jess - vHoF HM

Shrimp - vHoF HM

Wump - Immortal Redeemer vAS +2

Cynn - Getting to cp 265

Special Thanks:

ChrisThunder - 7 million gold

BiggBlyat - 1 million gold

UncleSalty - 278,395 gold

Jess - 300K gold

Grumpy - 600K gold

Shrimp - 7.5 million gold

Banana - 3,225,427 gold (fishing contest)

Philamina - 50K gold

Crash - 1 million gold

Wump - 1 million gold


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