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Infernal Punks Fight Night with a little twist

2 May 2021, on a Sunday evening, the Infernal Punks held there very first Team fight night. The event was hosted by one of the most dangerous Canadian to ever join the ranks of the crew. The bloodthirsty eXeur assembled his crewmate in a fight to the death by punching each other in the face. It was a glorious event! Many mistakes were made but everybody had a good laugh which mean that event was a complete win in my book.

The concept was simple, one boss and two fighters defending him. No healing items were allowed during the fight and at the end of each rounds, the winning fighter had a choice to make. Either stay in battle and fight or withdraw and let his teammate go into the ring. It was nice to watch how the team were able to adapt to those rules.

Congratulation to Team Ytter who won the event! Ms. Ytterman perfect choosing the members of her team made a HUGE difference during battle. The first one was Mr Katiechop, a foreign member of the crew coming from the old continent. The second member was Ms Kalaa who with her sorcery made some easy wins in the ring.

Until next time

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