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New Year, Old Body!

"What in tarnation!" Daniel exclaimed as he stepped out of the outhouse, suddenly seeing the Punks lined up ready for an event. The sound of hoofbeats, clashing steel and severed limbs filled the air soon after as a jousting tourney took place at Hanging Dog Ranch, home of the Punks! Valiant steeds rode their brave knights toward one another as they attempted to hack and slash each other with machetes, axes and knives! Participant after participant fell down lifeless and was quickly pilfered then buried!

A teleporting witch's disguise was uncovered and she was ejected from the tournament!

"I kept on swingin' and hittin' air! Then I heard her say something like 'boil and trouble' and then she went off on some type of glowin' broom!" Slappington of the M.D. Kingdom was heard saying. "It was them darn urban folk!" Vonloke stated. Ninya then began to nod his head eagerly as he was eating salad in agreement.

A drunken mexican squire of a recently deceased participant claims they brought their knight back to life just in time to take the place of the ejected witch! "No lo sé. ¡Acabo de echar un poco de tequila sobre su tumba por accidente y el hijo de puta salió de la tumba! Lo cual es bueno porque me debe dinero."

"BRAAAAAAAAAAINS!" the newly taped up participant slobbered out as he met his opponent in the field. Exeur, the French Fry Knight put up a brave fight against the abomination but was soon cut down and eaten.

The end.

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