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Overwatch: Experience The Cancer

The Overwatch experience is like no other to me. You will have good games, and then you will have games were you can feel the cancer growing inside you. **cough cough Mei** Either way, the best mindset to have with this game is to just have some fun. When joining up with my brothers and sisters at the Punks, I have no problem queuing up for whatever. The best part i... there is never a shortage of healers.

As a Reinhardt main, I love this fact. Good times are always had playing with friends (except when Grange gets every flippin' play of the game). My experience as a tank main is that you'll need your team and your team needs you. I cant charge in with out my healers patching me up and they need me to soak up the damage. All in all a good team composition is key! With the right team composition, you will be unstoppable for the most part. Just remember this last tip... if you play against a Mei, FUCK HER UP!

- Chubbiee

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