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Paranormal Investigations of Red Dead: The Dead Walk Casefile.

It started with a rumor in the desert town of Armadillo, with reports coming in slowly as our agent attempted to avoid the cholera-riddled town. Tales of black magic, of deals with the devil, of a strangely immune grocer; superstitious nonsense and hogwash to the untrained mind peaked the interest of our intrepid investigator. Witnesses claim sightings of ghoulish humanoids shambling around the town at night, of green skinned people with glowing eyes moaning into the desert air, climbing from their shallow graves seeking revenge against the one who cursed them.

Other witnesses claim to have seen glistening bone skeletons carrying two heads on their fleshless shoulders all across the states at any time of day or night. It is unclear whether the sickness in Armadillo is simply spreading, causing terrifying fever-dreams throughout the populace or if the government's Revenue Agents are correct in blaming the rampant rise of illegal and unregulated moonshine for these hallucinations. One witness enjoying perfect health blames these strange happenings on the work of Jews immigrating to New Austin, but our agent has a sneaking suspicion all is not as it appears.

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