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Punkmas Greetings

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a drunk night!" Santa Womp exclaimed as he stumbled onto his sleigh. The punks were gathered around, festive outfits aglow and antlers festooned to their horses. With a cry of "On Dasher, on Tito, on Ralph, to Valentine!" the Punks rolled out from Coulter, the sleigh leading the charge with the grumpy elf Savage driving.

They stopped at the saloon so Santa Womp could re-wet his whistle where they met a good little boy or girl who did not shoot at them or try to blow them up with dynamite. With a "HO HO HO" the punks gave the good individual a gift, and continued on their journey to Rhodes.

At the dusty town of Rhodes they met a fearsome bounty hunter while taking another drink in the famous Parlor House. This bounty hunter recieved a special gift of a Tatanka Bison pelt for being such a good sport! Santa Womp's helper, Bishop, was filled with such holiday spirit that he passed out in the parlor's gateway!

Finally, our merry band ended their journey in the jewel of the bayou Saint Denis. They whooped and hollered and sang at the residents before settling down in the bar for a final winter drink.

As they awoke from their stupor, they found that a true Christmas miracle had come, snow and lights! Decorations abounded as they posed for a picture, but cold was the weather and sober were they feeling. They took the spirit of Christmas to Bishop's moonshine shack and played the season in!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all. May your days be wondrous and lively.

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