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Quickdraw Showdown

It’s hiiiiigh noooon on December 30th and the Punks lined up at Armadillo for the first Quickdraw Showdown event. In this bracket-style event, the Punks competed in both a Auto-Aim and Free-Aim bracket to determine the fastest gun in the gang.

Guns were oiled, wrist were sprained and blood was spilled. Placing first in our auto-aim bracket was the leathery man himself, Womp! Placing first in our free aim bracket was Daniel because it was rigged, since he hosted the event.!

Only time will tell who is the free aim God, if Rockstar ever decides to bless us with goshdarn motivated free aim-only lobbies.

To become a Punk and participate in events like these, check out our JOIN US page to fill out an application! Check out some additional shots of the event below:

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