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Reavey Hosts Season 1 of the Infernal Punks MC Playlist League!

The Mother Charter's very own Secretary, Reavey, has hosted the first season of IPMC's Playlist League. Participants went head to head for the glory of their own Charters in various game modes. The winner of the League, will claim a 500k Shark card donated by our brother, Reavey! The rules were simple. The League lasted over four weeks, each week a different playlist mode. Each participant had to compete each week for points that were tallied up for an "Overall Winner" and honorable mentions for the "Playlist Mode Winners" (the two modes being deathmatches and races). Week one held deathmatches, followed by bike races for week two, next up we had team deathmatches week three, and finally for week four, Reavey hosted rally races. You had to have registered for the League by Sunday, September 9th with the first League playlist for Season 1 being held at 5PM EST Monday, September 10th. All Patched and support (HAs/prospects) members of IPMC may sign-up as well as any Neutral, Friendly, or Allied Clubs/Crews may sign up for Season 2. Same as last season, only Patched members of IPMC may claim the final prize (in the event that a Patched member does not take first, it will be given to the highest scoring member). We hope everyone had fun and good luck to all that will participate in Season 2!

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