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Red Dead Online Fight Night

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

On this extra western-y December 23rd, the Punks met up at their hideout in Hanging Dog Ranch for their very first gang event. A rabble-rousing bare-knuckle fistfight tournament.

After much cheering, blood spilling and lumbago insults, our resident big bearded motherfucker Breakthings proved himself the toughest of the bunch. Daniel placed second and Erock placed third. Everyone else came down with a bad case of tuberculosis and died.

In retrospect, we should’ve disqualified Break after he murdered a bear with only his hands, before the tournament started. Nonetheless he is now known as the Bear Killer.

To become a Punk and participate in events like these, check out our JOIN US page to fill out an application! Check out some additional shots of the vent below:

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