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2 Year Reformation Anniversary, Ligma, SocialClub and 2.0 launch.

I’m always pressuring the club to write up a blog post (thank you to those who have contributed), when it kind of hit me that I don’t recall ever doing one myself. So in this blog, I’ll talk about some of the things that have been going on in the Punks community, the state of GTA Online, and life in general.

Punks 2.0 Web Launch, and Rockstar Social Club updates

One month prior to our anniversary, we launched our new website. We added an additional domain for as well as to our banks – so we can give out either link. Punks 2.0 was a collaborative effort between several of our members to put all the pieces of the pie together. It was important to me for Punks to start looking more professional and organized as a club. So many of these gaming crews put together half-assed websites that are obviously never updated on the regular. I still maintain that Punks 1.0 looked much better than our competitors, but it required a lot of manual maintenance. So with the new site, a lot of things are automated so we can spend our time GAMING instead of doing web stuff. This will hopefully take some of the workload off our officers, and also I think it looks fuckin’ sweet. What we didn’t plan for was that R* Social Club updated their platform in anticipation for RDR2. Just going to say, Daniel… I fuckin’ called it.

Hopefully it’s for the better in the long term, and I’m glad that they finally fixed some of their broken code.

2 Year Reformation Anniversary

We had a week-long celebration for our 2 year reformation anniversary. Our Discord rocked the original image and rockers, and there were events held every single day. Events were open to all of our allies, friends, and neutral crews. Lots of memories were shared during this time, and it was full of nostalga and touchy feeley feelings. Thanks go out to our mother charter Paleto Bay for organizing the events. For a little history, Infernal Punks were created November 3, 2015 by our founder, Metal. Metal was one of the MC community OG members that broke off to start his own vision of a club. Relations were built with other community members, as people gradually trickled in and out of the MC lifestyle. The vision was started with many hurdles along the way, and many thought we were destined to fail. Nonetheless, Punks were able to survive - but needed to change. October 16th, 2016 is classified as the Reformation of IPMC. On this date, we welcomed 3 new prospects who later became a part of what we refer to as the Original 7. After that, recruitment exploded as we were featured twice by Rockstar Games, and we embarrassed every crew that got in our way. It’s crazy to think that our club has survived 3 years of chaos and brotherhood, and I’m proud to call myself a Punk.

Ligma, and the State of GTAO

Modders… It’s funny how they have evolved over the last few years when the game kicked loose on PC. Some are irritating like money drops, aim assist, and teleportation. Some others are hilarious. Here’s some of my favorite funny ones I’ve seen while playing online:

- Flying yachts with windmills for propellers to make it some kind of Final Fantasy airship.

- The infamous giant robot made of tanks.

- Setting you on fire, shoving a guitar up your ass and launching you into the air. FREE BIRD!

- Duplicates of your character doing stripper pole dances until your game locks up.

- Falling 747s from the sky during hangar missions. (This actually made it more challenging and fun)

Though these are funny, it is kind of insulting that R* doesn’t do much about these modders unless they are affecting shark card sales. Rockstar did release a statement that they shut a backdoor down that allowed people to send messages that looked like they were from the developers. But then, a month later, we got Ligma.

Shortly afterwards, a mod was shown that could spawn items in the game while you were playing SINGLE PLAYER. I watched a video of a guy doing single player speed runs on Twitch, and jets were spawning in front of him. Supposedly they’ve fixed this, but modders will find a way around anything.

I guess in this late stage of the game, we all need a little ligma in our lives.



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