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So Much Gambling!

Recently, the Rockstar gods have blessed us with two sets of DLC content for our main two games the Punks play, Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption Online. Apparently the developers have been spending all of our shark card/gold bar money in Las Vegas, because both content updates have to do with gambling!

RDR2 Online gave us a spring update that has drip fed us everything from online poker, new showdown modes, and daily challenges to boot.

Grand Theft Auto Online has blessed us with opening the highly anticipated Diamond Casino and Resort, a DLC that was suggested since the PS3/Xbox360 days of the game. The Casino update is full of new missions, multiple ways to gamble, new outfits and vehicles.

DLC content drops for both games also included a lot of fixes in their changelogs for things that we've been spamming Rockstar's non-existent customer service for years, such as fixing the passive systems.

Beyond that, the content updates have provided us with tons of fun and ideas for weekly club events. I'm going to go do some lines of cocaine in my new penthouse now, but here's some more photos from both games.

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