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Spooky Times In The Bayou

Colonel Sanders, Pig Man, Satan Himself, a Spooky... MAN! What do all these things have in common? Well you're absolutely right, it's the Punks Outlaw Gang spooky fight night!

Under the moonlight in the bayou, surrounded by crocodiles, swamp fiends and even a woman, the Punks punched each other to death in a series of bareknuckle matches to determine toughest spooper of them all. We even had an interlude fight between the curviest cowboy in all the land, Reavy, and our resident native american, Bishop.

All fought valiantly but only one could prevail. The final fight between Spooky Man and Pig Man was the stuff of legends. Pigs screaming in the background, DBZ-style blocking and punching, this fight had it all. Once the mud settled, Mr. Bovine mud-loving Pig Man proved that he (she?) had the sturdiest button-mashing hand of the bunch.

To become a Punk and participate in events like these, check out our JOIN US page to fill out an application! Check out some additional shots of the event below:

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