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Tacos with man-made sour cream....

Today is my first time attending a Rancho Church session. I am looking forward to finding out what makes this charter tick.

This charter may run on Tacos. There are so many taco trucks.

First thing I notice is the orange Zebra print low rider outside the Clubhouse. Why is it that SKEL never chooses any other color but Salmon Pink for their club?

While IPMC waits for church to start they fight the "Latino" gang members just to keep themselves entertained. Weavie just has us lay down so they can have their way with us.

one of the members arrived without the proper patch on his back and was flogged as punishment. The worst Havoc has done to a patch member was given them a light spanking.

Kilefa is obsessed with the way that Spiggy is walking. Not sure if he is focusing on his "rear end" or his actual walk. Must focus on Spiggy's walk to confirm which.

As i walk into the clubhouse the first i see is a very homoerotic painting of the 4 dudes groping each other on the wall. I believe that Havoc and Weavie would approve.

While the IPMC may very well be the most badass 1%'ers in GTA V they do not allow sitting on each others laps.

I like this. Last time I sat on Havoc's lap he asked why I had pants on.

They too love the Spice Girls. Maybe that is my way to get close to them and learn their weaknesses. Although if they like the Spice Girls they

are pretty awesome people. I mean lets be honest here.

Holy crap!!! They are also trained assassins!!! Not only are they badass but they are also Ninjas!!

They make a ton of money. They will all be making 800k this week alone! I barely make 800 dollars in a month with all the Prostate toys i have to buy for SKEL.

We need to find a way to rig a taco truck to sale stale tacos. Demoralize them from within.

NinJesus Spent the entire Round-table period chasing Kieren around the clubhouse jerking off. I'm not sure sure how to take this MC anymore. I don't think they understand the term

"Personal Space". Although I get the sense that Kieren likes that NinJesus is chasing him. I also think that NinJesus is getting turned on by the thrill of the chase.

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