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What I like to make for the Superb Owl Sunday

I really don't watch football. I am more of a baseball/hockey fan.

This doesn't mean I don't enjoy the hallowed American tradition of parking my ass on the couch, watching some people I don't know throw an egg-shaped 'football' (more like hand egg amirite?), and eating a ton of food to rival Thanksgiving but in more bite-sized forms.

What I enjoy more than watching companies piss away millions of dollars for 30 seconds of airtime while people literally piss, is cooking.

I fucking love to cook for Superbowl. I will start around the same time I start cooking for thanksgiving.

So what kind of spread do I give to my friends and family (only household family this year)?

Well of course there is the staple of hot dogs grilled on a gas grill that would bring a tear to Hank Hill's eye. Baked beans, little smokies, and at least three types of dip that I will eat since I hate all things white and creamy (it's not a sexual thing I promise I hate ranch and mayo).

But beyond the regular stuff, I also love to make a dinner to rival thanksgiving. We have wings of course but how about a buffalo marinated whole chicken baked for a few hours with some mashed potatoes and some green bean casserole? Weird right? Well not so much to me.

Super Bowl to me is about family as much as Thanksgiving or Christmas. While I don't follow the sport I enjoy the time I can spend cooking for people I love and pampering them with food I know they'll like and that I will love. I can spend time with them stuffing their face while yelling about blind refs who can't see anything like any other sports official.

So today my fellow Punks, please enjoy the day with your family. It doesn't have to be the family you were born with, it could be the family you choose to ride through hell with. I know I'll enjoy today with both families.

Also, Tom Brady likes to open mouth kiss people and I find that hilarious.


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