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The first offspring of the Infernal Punks Motorcycle Club and originally formed to make the Club more accessible for European members, was formed on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017.

Rancho’s Clubhouse is located in the South Eastern area of Los Santos, San Andreas which is also home to a significant Latino (Mexican and Central American) community. The Rancho charter came to be what it is today through war and blood. Known as the PVP charter of the Infernal Punks, the charter has taken and maintained its territory and influence by force. After years of warring with the local gangs for control of the drug trade, they have managed to push most of the Vagos and Aztecas out of Rancho. While the few sets that are left pay "protection" fees to the Infernal Punks, there are still some street beefs between the three (the Punks, the Vagos, and the Aztecas).


The first real President, SirWumpyFlump, has led the charter honorably to glory while still maintaining a large amount of territory in the name of the Infernal Punks MC. Now ran by a bunch of loco amigos that slurp salsa for breakfast and do not give a shit if they stole your taco-truck, they are considered the craziest the Club has to offer. I mean who the fuck are you, that you own a gosh darn taco-truck?



Founded:  1922

County:  Los Santos Co. 

State:       San Andreas

Mayor:    Graham Hart 

Rancho is an urban neighborhood in Los SantosSan Andreas. It is bordered in the north to the neighborhood Strawberry, To the lower-east, Cypress Flats, upper-east La Mesa, and to the west the city of Davis.

Rancho has a huge gang presence, supplemented by a high crime rate. The area contains small-time businesses, small, single-family homes, and a large housing project complex to the south. Rancho is the turf of the Los Santos Vagos and the Varrios Los Aztecas, who contribute to the majority of the area's problems. The neighborhood is home to a significant Latino (Mexican and Central
American) community.
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