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The High Council


The High Council consists of a select group of officers who have been appointed by the Speaker to play a pivotal role in maintaining the guild's operations and ensuring its smooth functioning. These esteemed members have been an integral part of our community for a substantial period, and they are entrusted with various sensitive administrative responsibilities, both in and out of the game. In the unfortunate event that the Speaker is incapacitated by the Greebles, the High Council steps in to lead the guild.

The responsibilities carried by High Council members encompass a wide range of critical functions, including:

  • Community Standards: Upholding and enforcing the community bylaws and the Champion Pact, setting the standard for exemplary conduct and fostering a respectful atmosphere within the guild.

  • Recruitment: Actively participating in the recruitment process to bring new members into our gaming family, ensuring that our community continues to thrive.

  • Intro Interviews: Conducting introductory interviews to welcome and engage with new members, providing guidance, and answering questions.

  • Profile Management: Ensuring that ESO punk profiles are kept up-to-date on the Punks' website, helping to maintain our online presence.

  • Monthly Blog: In the absence of the Speaker, High Council members may contribute to the monthly blog on the Punks' website, sharing insights, updates, and community news.

  • Infernal Assembly: Leading the Infernal Assembly every month when the Speaker is unavailable, keeping our guild members informed and engaged.

  • Guild Bank and Funds: Managing the guild bank and guild funds, maintaining transparency and integrity in financial matters.

  • Speaker Elections: Participating in the election process by voting for a new Speaker if the need arises, ensuring the continuity of our guild leadership.

  • Promotions: Voting on promotions for Champions to Guardians, recognizing and rewarding dedicated members.

  • Champion Approval: Vouching for and voting on new Champions, contributing to the recognition of those who exemplify the guild's values.

  • Event Coordination: Running or assisting in running guild events, enriching our gaming experiences and building community friendships.

The High Council represents the bedrock of leadership within the Infernal Punks, entrusted with vital responsibilities that help steer the guild towards success and harmony. Their dedication, experience, and commitment to our community are instrumental in ensuring that the Infernal Punks continue to flourish in the world of Elder Scrolls Online.

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