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The High Council

A select few officers who are appointed by the Speaker to assist and advise them in keeping the guild running as smoothly as possible.


These members have been a part of the community for a significant amount of time and are entrusted with a variety of sensitive administrative functions in and out of the game. They are in charge if the Speaker is felled by the greebles.


Responsibilities for High Council members includes but are not limited to: 

  • Recruitment for the guild

  • Doing intro interviews


  • Assisting in keeping the ESO punk profiles up-to-date on punks website

  • Providing the monthly blog on the punks website (if speaker is absent)

  • Leading the Infernal Assembly every month (if speaker is absent)​

  • Managing guild bank and guild funds

  • Voting in a new speaker should the need arise​

  • Voting in the new promotions for champions to guardians

  • Vouching and voting for new champions

  • Running or assisting in running events

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