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The Speaker


The Speaker serves as the primary leader of the guild, wielding the responsibility of ensuring the guild's smooth operation and maintaining a peaceful gaming environment. This role involves overseeing the adherence to community bylaws and the Champion's Pact, thus creating an enjoyable and secure experience for all members within the Punks community. The Speaker also appoints High Council (officer) positions to assist in the fulfillment of these duties.


The Speaker's responsibilities encompass a wide array of crucial functions, including:


  • Community Standards: Upholding and enforcing the community bylaws and Champion's Pact, setting the highest standards of conduct and fostering a respectful and enjoyable atmosphere within the guild.


  • Recruitment: Actively participating in the guild's recruitment process, inviting new members to join our gaming family and ensuring that our community continues to thrive.


  • Introductory Interviews: Conducting introductory interviews to welcome new members, provide guidance, answer questions, and help integrate them into our community.


  • Profile Management: Ensure that ESO punk profiles remain up-to-date on the Punks' website.


  • Monthly Blog: Providing insightful and engaging content for the monthly blog on the Punks' website, sharing updates, news, and community highlights.


  • Infernal Assembly: Leading the Infernal Assembly every month, keeping our guild members informed, engaged, and united.


  • Guild Bank and Funds: Managing the guild bank and guild funds, ensuring financial transparency and integrity.



  • Event Coordination: Running or assisting in running guild events, enriching our gaming experiences, and building strong community bonds.


  • Learning: Continuously seeking knowledge, even including the ability to read (although this skill is typically mastered beforehand).


The Speaker embodies the pinnacle of leadership within the Infernal Punks, navigating the guild through challenges, forging a united and thriving community, and ensuring that our gaming adventures in the world of Elder Scrolls Online remain exceptional. Their dedication, leadership, and resilience in the face of challenges and other adversities make them an indispensable figurehead in our community.


Where's my Tea?

Speaker: Crash-Z

Role: DPS

Class: Arcanist

Race: Dark Elf

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