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Becoming a Varmint is your first step towards becoming a full fledged member of the Infernal Punks. If your application is accepted, this is the title that will be given to you. In order to become a full member (Outlaw), you will need to spend some time playing with our community and be vouched for by our Outlaws.


As a Varmint, you only have a few duties to handle:

  1. Add all Outlaws to your Social Club friends list.

  2. Be friendly and get to know people in our Discord.

  3. Follow Outlaw Code at all times.

  4. Respect fellow members.

  5. Have fun!


Be advised: All players wishing to join the Punks must:


1. Not be a dickhead. If you're here to start drama, this ain't the crew for you.

2. Be at least 18 years old.  We're all adults here. Sort of.  And yes, we DO enforce age limits.

3. Have weekly activity in Red Dead Online on PC.

4. Be comfortable interacting regularly with people of varying ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds.

6. Play fairly. Online Cheating/Modding is banned.

7. Voice chat is mandatory while gaming with the community.  If you're playing with us, you're in Discord on voice.

8. Defend the Infernal Punks and protect the gang.

9. Go through the Varmint vouching process to gain your membership. We are a family.  Vouching is done over weeks, not days. Be patient, friendly, and have some fun.

10. Fill out an application and complete a short voice introduction with us on Discord.


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