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Prospects are actually lower in rank than Hangarounds, because they have not earned the clubs respect yet. During your prospecting period, prospects will go through hell and back to prove themselves to be a future Punk. You must earn that kutte on your back.

     To be a prospect, you must find a sponsor (patched member) of the charter that you wish to join, and ask them in person to be your sponsor for the club.  Pick a charter that best fits the church time you can make in your real life schedule.  Pick a sponsor from that charter that has a similar gaming schedule to yours.


Some of the things you can expect to happen as a Prospect are:

1. Hazing.  You're a turd in the great throne of life.

     Get used to it.

2. Tested for loyalty. 

3. Grinding - You will be doing massive amounts of work

     for the club.

4. Guard duty. 

5. Tested for bylaw knowledge.

6. Attendance/Finances/Friends lists will be monitored.

     There is no set prospecting time period at IPMC. Sponsors are responsible for turning their Prospects into bad ass 1% bikers - which sometimes takes a while. Be patient.  Your sponsor will work with you.

After a Sponsor feels their Prospect is ready, they will bring that individual to a vote.  Prospect patch-in votes must be unanimous within that charter to earn a patch.  .

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