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As an Initiate, you embark on a journey of growth, friendships, and dedication within our community. Your commitment and contributions during this period of time lay the foundation for your future as an esteemed member of our guild. Embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as you strive to earn your place in the Infernal Punks.


Initiates are expected to:

  • Spend time in Discord, engaging in conversations and playing alongside fellow guild members, fostering connections, and building friendships.

  • Meet the minimum weekly participation requirements, ensuring your active involvement within our community.

  • Read and abide by the Community Bylaws and the Champion’s Pact    

  • Understand that the Initiate period typically lasts 60 days, but its duration can be extended based on the factors mentioned above.


Initiates are able to:

  • Initiates are granted access to the guild bank, allowing them to contribute and withdraw resources to aid in their adventures.

  • Have the privilege of utilizing the guild event calendar on Discord, enabling you to coordinate and schedule events, contributing to the community experiences we offer. 

  • Participate in guild events to earn money and prizes.


Initiates seek to join the esteemed ranks of the Infernal Punks guild, and are active in our community, displaying dedication to our guild's values and contributing to our collective gaming experiences. You have the opportunity to prove your commitment to the Infernal Punks and progress toward the rank of Champion. Embrace the thrill of the journey and seize every moment of your time with us in the guild!

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