Del Perro...
Sand between our toes, and the smell of suntan lotion and bad decisions.

The Del Perro Charter was formed out of an alliance with Disposable Heroes MC, who had been a strong member of the MC community, but as their activity dwindled, we offered a place for their remaining members and created the third charter for Infernal Punks, which was the clubs first patch-over. With new officers at the helm, some members from other charters had also moved over to help out in the effort to ensure success and to instil and preserve age old club traditions as well as taking on the care free attitude of Del Perro and Vespucci.

Del Perro

Founded:  1929

County: Los Santos Co. 

State:         San Andreas

Mayor:      Alan Hayes 

Del Perro is an incorporated affluent city in southern Los SantosSan Andreas. It is bordered by Pacific Bluffs and Morningwood to the north, Rockford Hills to the east and Vespucci to the south.

Del Perro is widely known for its beach and the world famous Pleasure Pier. It's a crowded city with many expensive houses on the beach and tourists walking along the pier. Many people can be seen sunbathing on the beach or building sandcastles.


The famous Del Perro Pier is a good place to find tourists, wealthy locals, and tramps. The Prosperity Street Promenade, an upscale outdoor mall and Del Perro's main commercial street, is another important tourist attraction.